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Marks Intimates Old weals Blueprint
No boundaries to flavour
Umami as modus operandi
We met more than ten years ago, when I walked the path he trod himself in the very same place. 

Now when we speak of it we marvel at the echoes in our stories, the replaying of the patterns set.

There was always something about the way we watched each other over the years. I hid in my deepest self, and he hid in the shadows,  to and from places of consequence. And yet we always saw each other, when none others could perceive us.

He was one of the few I always felt a tugging from, a need of purpose.

I was one of the very few he ever touched in passing.

And as the years turned our paths crossed again, and the echoes came home to roost like lost bats. 

Reflections in the same broken mirror.

It's been far too long.

Whatever happens now,  I cannot lose part of myself. I cannot lose him again.

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Current Music: Nine Inch Nails - Reptile

A drop or two?
Well. Here we are.

*listens to echoes*

Obligatory friends-only: comment if you want to be added, and I don't promise anything.

That said, I will do the odd public post.

If I post at all.

Now, as you were...:>

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Check the seasoning or A drop or two?